Your legal guide in international business settings

An internationally oriented law firm, we are based in the Netherlands, and serve clients in and from a variety of regions.

Corporations &

Corporations eager to expand and set foot in new markets often have many questions in the phase of orientation and leading up to the moment the branch or subsidiary has settled adequately in the new region, whether that is the Middle East or Europe. Alalim Legal assists in behind the scenes research, lowering legal and business culture barriers and taking care of all the technicalities so that businesses can focus on their key activities.

Government Institutions & Organizations

The special status of government institutions and organizations requires specialist knowledge about the many types of immunity, whether that relates to immunities of international organizations, or of state or diplomatic immunity. The consequence of the special status enjoyed by our clients permeates everything we do for them, including the legal advice we provide, to the documents used in their contracts, the position we represent them in during litigation, local staff and employee relationships, etc. It requires special attention to cater to the specific client needs and desires and requires specialist and tailored drafting to take the needs and wishes of the specific institution into account.

Foundations &

There is a growing realization among non-profits that they must keep in touch with all legal developments that may affect their organization. Alalim Legal helps to guide Non-profits through national and international laws so that the organization can maintain a necessary level of accountability. Alalim Legal offers tailored advice to help non-profits operate smoothly and legally.

Small & Medium Enterprises/

Businesses with select interests often are in need of specialized services. Alalim Legal operates at a competitive price point in the market, a feature from which small and medium businesses can benefit. Our clients have come to us for advice on legal structure, reorganization, disputes, property acquisition, amongst others.