Foundations & Associations

The proper start of a foundation or association involves the careful preparation of statutes and registration with the proper authorities. The ideological or strategic drive that often gives birth to such organizations often gets in the way of the proper start-up process, often leading to unexpected developments and confrontations as time progresses.

However, foundations and associations are typically limited by their budgetary capacity to obtain the adequate legal support they need to handle the various situations they are faced with. Alalim Legal helps guide clients with limited resources through national and international laws so that the organization can maintain a necessary level of accountability.

Unlike corporations and government institutions, foundations and associations tend to need marginal, fitting solutions for specific legal questions. The needs could vary from the drafting of statutes, letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, contracts and other legal documents. Legal questions commonly faces by foundations and associations may involve internal choices regarding board members, reorganization or staff issues, or external situations regarding the protection of a trade name, or a matter involving a supplier, partner or an authority.

Alalim Legal has experience in offering profit oriented and non-profit foundations and association tailored legal assistance at a competitive price to meet the needs of organizations with limited budgets.

Services and Specializations

Organizations with limited budgets are generally better off anticipating and preventing than dealing with unforeseen legal challenges. The proper start-up assistance and the drafting of contracts and documents is key to the successful development of a foundation or association. The ability to obtain limited legal advice at moments of importance, and the ability to assess and change an organization's legal structure, or reorganize it often helps organizations maintain a stable continuation of its existence.

Prices and Packages

The legal needs of foundations and associations are generally for services of short-duration due to their limited budgets. For larger organizations, the legal needs tend to increase for the management and handling of their staff and internal and external issues. To enable clients with limited needs to obtain the legal advice they need, Alalim Legal offers two packages of interest.

The Package Per Assignment deal is designed to tackle matters that require a short-term engagement with a law firm. This allows clients to receive tailored services for a round price that is agreed in advance. However, foundations and associations often need limited services to be delivered upon request. For these matters, Business Retainers could be of significant value for smaller organizations.

For larger institutions requiring a regular off-take of legal services, the law firm advises a Regular Monthly Off-take package. This package allows for a capped monthly fee, for a fluctuating amount of legal services. This enables the law firm to help its clients improve the anticipation of upcoming legal requirements by dealing with legal needs in order of priority. Ongoing contracts with Alalim Legal allow the firm to offer reductions, making its prices competitive. For cases in which larger foundations and associations expect sudden urgent matters to arise, the purchase of adequate Business Retainers may also be advisable to form a buffer for requesting legal services when needed.