Government Institutions and Organizations

The special status of government institutions and organizations requires specialist knowledge about the many types of immunities, whether that relates to the immunities of international organizations, of states or to diplomatic immunity. The special character of our clients enjoying such status permeates the character of all the documents used in contracting, in litigation and employee relationships and requires specialist and tailored drafting taking the needs and wishes of the institution into account.

Our law firm has experience in serving governmental institutions and representations. This experience has taught the firm to handle matters of diplomatic delicacy with the proper discretion, care and attention.

Services and Specializations

Despite the different nature of the organizations, governmental organizations function in similar ways corporations and multinationals in various respects. Their local representations can operate in a similar fashion to branches of a company, dividing its staff in local employees and international representatives. The different laws that apply make the required legal advice and the drafting of contracts and documents more diverse than what most law firms are prepared for. The added complexity of taking immunities into account is what makes the legal representation of government institutions and the handling of enforcement cases in ever changing political climates a diverse and tricky matters.

Government representations of institutions based in the MENA region operating in North-West Europe often face a challenge in choosing the right course of action when dealing with the changing laws of the countries they are involved in. Confusion can occur in subjects ranging from purchase and rebuilding of property for the company, and the housing and rental agreements for staff, to matters of healthcare and insurance and issues of employment of both local and international staff. Issues pertaining to household staff often comes with additional unexpected complications. Alalim Legal's staff is specifically trained to handle complex, diplomatically sensitive and delicate situations professionally and with a high degree of discretion. Furthermore, the advanced IT solutions and awareness of the flaws of items used for communication and technology give Alalim Legal the capability of serving its clients using secure means of communication, and the adequate maintenance and archiving of its dossiers.

Prices and Packages

The legal needs of government institutions and organizations range from short-duration services such as legal advice or the drafting of documents, to ongoing services involving employee affairs, long-term court procedures or arbitration. The fluctuating nature of the needed legal support regularly leads to unexpected high costs for legal services and/or exponentially growing expenses if the legal assistance is incomplete. To protect it clients, Alalim Legal developed a set of pricing packages answering to the various legal questions that corporate clients may require.

For matters that require a short-term engagement with a law firm, Alalim Legal offers a Package Per Assignment deal. This allows clients to receive tailored services for a round price that is agreed in advance. For clients requiring ongoing legal assistance for longer duration or for an undetermined period of time, the law firm advises a Regular Monthly Off-take package. This package allows for a capped monthly fee, for a fluctuating amount of legal services. This allows the law firm to help its clients improve the anticipation of upcoming legal requirements by dealing with legal needs in order of priority. Ongoing contracts with Alalim Legal allow the firm to offer reductions, making its prices competitive.

In cases where unexpected urgent needs are more likely to occur, the law firm offers Business Retainers. These packages offer the pre-purchasing of a set number of hours at a competitive price in order to avoid the sudden increase in price when emergencies occur.