Intake Procedure

Alalim Legal has a stringent screening and intake procedure which complies with numerous laws and regulations including stringent international anti-fraud, anti–money laundering and anti-corruption laws and regulations. The steps we take to meet these requirements are for our clients’ protection and security. The hours dedicated to the intake procedure are allocated to the first introductory calls, interview, preliminary legal advice, and reading of documents and emails. This also helps us form a primary assessment of the required legal work.

Once a relation is identified as a potential client, the law firm offers a free intake. The strict confidentiality by which the law firm is bound goes into affect from the moment the intake procedure starts. If no issues such as conflict of interest are identified during the intake procedure, the firm can issue a quotation after identifying the client's legal question. Quotations of Alalim Legal often include package offers to protect the firm's clients against unexpected charges. The legal services offered are categorised in service categories, and the pricing may vary according to a list of discounts and surcharges.