Design & Logo

The company logo is inspired by the astrolabe (الاسطرلاب), the chief historical instrument used for navigation until the 18th century.

The first known astrolabe was used in classical antiquity as early as 150BCE, and was used and significantly improved upon by the Arabs during the Islamic Golden Age, and later further improved upon during the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. The first mechanical astronomical clocks were influenced by the astrolabe.

At the time, the device was one of the most advanced tools for finding the way using, amongst other things, the position of the sun and the phases of the moon. Its high level of accuracy and multifunctional use made it a valuable item for a wide variety of uses, including strategic decision making and ranging from geographical surveying to determining the direction for prayer.

The astrolabe assimilates concepts of collecting knowledge over time, and the use of advanced technology. It also incorporates multidisciplinary knowledge with multiple cultural understandings.

The astrolabe symbolises the company’s mission in helping clients better understand their position, guiding them through complex choices, often across various jurisdictions and enabling clients assess risks, formulate policies, and adopting strategic approaches.

Alalim Legal has chosen the astrolabe as a reflection of it’s varied international team, highlighting the ability to understand the needs of its clients and the varied customs and principles of the international community.