Package A - Regular Monthly Off-take

Package A – Regular Monthly Off-take

Clients who prefer to engage in a steady long term relationship for a predictable budget are advised to engage Alalim Legal for a Regular Monthly Off-take package. Alalim Legal has based the provided discount rates on the most requested monthly off take contracts with its clients in order to provide our clients with the benefits of high quality legal service at a predictable budget. The Regular Monthly Off-take package provides the client with a pre-determined number of hours that may be transferred within three months of the date the hours are allocated to. The package is a contract for the duration of one calendar year, and is subject to termination with a two month written notice on the condition that the Law Firm is not formally bound to continue representing the client.

In dispute situations involving litigation, arbitration, or other forms of dispute in which the Law Firm is legally bound to a continued representation of the client, the client is advised to assess whether it is best to place the dossier involved in the Regular Monthly Off take package or not. If the majority of the hours required by the client concerns such dossiers, the client may find it more advantageous to place these dossiers under the Regular Monthly Off-take package. Alternatively, the client may be advised to acquire a separate package for such dispute cases.

Typically, clients requesting a Regular Monthly Off-take package also have ongoing legal questions related to a business, a project, or other endeavour.


  • Continuous off take per month;
  • Monthly payment to be paid in advance;
  • 2 months’ notice required for termination;
  • Generally excludes litigation, arbitration or similar contentious procedures.

Fixed Monthly Off-take may be combined with modular package deals (Business Retainers, Package per Assignment or Payment per Hour) to accommodate a sudden need for higher volume of legal service hours. The package must always be agreed in advance, and may comprise mixed components, such as: 1) Regular Monthly Off-take, 2) Pre-purchased extra hours, and/or 3) Additional hours.

Pricing and Packages

Package A – Regular Monthly Off-take

Package B – Package Per Assignment

Package C – Business Retainers