Package C - Business Retainers

Package C – Business Retainers

A Business Retainer of legal services is a pre-purchase of services to be allocated towards assignments in accordance with a client’s instructions. Clients who are certain that they will require legal services within one or two years, and are uncertain about the exact timing and volume of that offtake can purchase such packages at a volume discount. Business Retainers are valid for two years. The Business Retainer calculations provided below do not include assignments involving surcharges, such as urgency or expertise charges. Upon request, the Law Firm may offer a tailored Business Retainer package that includes options for urgency and/or expertise. A Business Retainer can also be used for purchasing of third party services on behalf of the client after clear agreements are made to do so.

Pricing and Packages

Package A – Regular Monthly Off-take

Package B – Package Per Assignment

Package C – Business Retainers