Service Categories

Service Categories

Alalim Legal divides its services into several service categories that affect the type and therefore also the price of the related legal work. These categories are described blow. A detailed description of all of the services provided by the Law Firm may be requested separately.

Non-contentious / Non-dispute Related Services

This service category includes various forms of in-house legal advice without the involvement of litigation or arbitration, including:

  • Corporate legal advice;
  • Drafting and review of contracts and other official documents and communication;
  • Undertaking legal due diligence for a selling or purchasing client;
  • Negotiation on behalf of a client;
  • Conflict prevention and basic conflict resolution.

Litigation, Arbitration or Similar Contentious Procedures

This service category includes contentious cases that reach or have already reached arbitration or litigation, including:

  • Legal representation in court;
  • Legal representation in front of a tribunal in an arbitration;
  • Legal representation of a similar nature.

Such cases are (by their nature) unpredictable due to the involvement of third parties, the role of judges, arbitrators, tribunals and courts, and also depend a great deal on the choices and behaviour of the counter parties involved.

Delegation and Coordination of External Services

This service category includes any consultation of external specialists, including:

  • Screening, appointing and delegating (legal) experts on behalf of a client;
  • Providing services or advice that do not fall under the direct sphere of corporate law, such as financial or tax advice;
  • Language services including document reviews, sworn or non-sworn translations and bilingual document preparation such as combined Arabic/English documents;
  • Providing service that require external (legal) expertise, such as Dutch Supreme Court consultations or litigation.