Small & Medium Enterprises/ Individuals

Small and Medium Enterprises and entrepreneurs for the most varied client group of Alalim Legal. The spectrum of clients ranges from local transport companies to internationally operating businesses competing in markets in the GCC Region, MENA and Europe with various services products. Alalim Legal has advised private individuals with legal questions relating to corporate law, and has helped start-up, restructure and unregister various businesses in the GCC and Europe. Alalim Legal's extensive experience in dealing with the Saudi Arabian and UAE markets, enables the firm to provide effective and accurate legal advice and support in the region. Clients of the law firm gain the advantage of connecting better to local clients, partners and suppliers, whilst protecting themselves in handling situations they are otherwise not used to dealing with.

Services and Specializations

Due to the variety of SME and private clients Alalim Legal has, the type of services typically requested by this group vary significantly from client to client. Entrepreneurs seeking to start-up a business or set up companies generally require a different type of attention and set of services than private individuals purchasing or rebuilding real estate or dealing with rental contracts for housing. Relations seeking to carry out their business endeavours in the GCC Region require different support from those seeking legal services and support in Europe. To help potential clients identify the nature of their legal questions, Alalim Legal has prepared a list of the most common legal services and products it offers, as well as the specializations.

Prices and Packages

Although some of Alalim Legal's clients prefer to pay upon demand (Payment Per Hour), the majority of the law firm's clients prefer to make use of the pricing packages offered by the firm. These packages have been developed to answer to the different legal requests that private and corporate clients require.

The legal needs of private individuals and Small and Medium Businesses range from short-duration services such as legal advice or the drafting of documents, to ongoing services involving employee affairs, long-term court procedures. The fluctuating nature of the needed legal support regularly leads to unexpected high costs for legal services and/or exponentially growing expenses if the legal assistance is incomplete.

For matters that require a short-term engagement with a law firm, Alalim Legal offers a Package Per Assignment deal. This allows clients to receive tailored services for a round price that is agreed in advance. For clients requiring ongoing legal assistance for longer duration or for an undetermined period of time, the law firm advises a Regular Monthly Off-take package. This package allows for a capped monthly fee, for a fluctuating amount of legal services. This allows the law firm to help its clients improve the anticipation of upcoming legal requirements by dealing with legal needs in order of priority. Ongoing contracts with Alalim Legal allow the firm to offer reductions, making its prices competitive.

In cases where unexpected urgent needs are more likely to occur, the law firm offers Business Retainers. These packages offer the pre-purchasing of a set number of hours at a competitive price in order to avoid the sudden increase in price when emergencies occur.